the latest Treating your Family with Homeopathy course

The latest course from Arnica Homeopathy!


On the four Thursday mornings in March 10am to 12pm
(3rd, 10th 17th and 24th of March)
To be held at Krowji Arts Centre, Redruth.

A four week course empowering you to prescribe homeopathy effectively and safely for yourself and your family.
Topics covered:
What is homeopathy?
How does homeopathy work?
Buying and using a homeopathy kit
Introduction to the 38 most useful remedies
Selecting the right remedy
More advanced remedy selection
Remedy potency (or strength)
When to call a homeopath
How should I prescribe homeopathy in an emergency?
Can I do harm with homeopathy?
Using homeopathy in a hospital situation
Your access to homeopathic treatment at the four NHS homeopathic hospitals
When to call the GP or 999
Useful book recommendations
Any topics the group wishes to discus
Each person is asked to bring at least one real life cases for discussion, perhaps a situation when they believe homeopathy could have been used but wasn’t, or a reoccurring complaint of a family member.
Full handouts given including recommended reading list and a pharmacy contact list.

Timeframe: Four relaxed 2 hour sessions spread over four weeks. Each session will include time for arrival and a cuppa and then we get on with the homeopathy.

Venue: Krowji is a dynamic arts venue in Redruth with ample parking and about 15 minutes walk from the train station. The course will be held in one of the rooms attached to The Melting Pot Cafe. Because of this drinks and cake will be available for purchase at the cafe to bring into our room.

Cost: £10 for each session, a total of £40 over the four weeks. A commitment is needed for payment for each of the four sessions.
I will be able to run the course if I have at least five participants. 

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