homeopathy for newborn babies

newborn-1399155_960_720Your baby is just a few weeks old, you had hoped that these first weeks would be full of dreamy bonding between the two of you, but instead you have been beset with problems. Perhaps colic, or constant crying – in your heart you know that your baby is not happy, but you can’t tell why. He or she has been checked over by a professional and given a good bill of health, yet still….

Or perhaps you struggle to get baby latched on well, your nipples are killing and you are completely exhausted. Then five minutes after a half decent feed, it all comes up, projectile, half way across the room – and then baby is screaming hungry and you don’t have a drop more milk!

Or perhaps baby can’t sleep or is crying all night. You knew being a new mum would be hard, but this hard? Or perhaps this is not your first baby, but he or she is so different to the others. And what about that nagging feeling that baby isn’t happy.

Here’s where homeopathy can help. A proven track record of effectiveness over the past 200 years. Where mainstream healthcare is at a loss, homeopathy is highly effective and without risk. Perhaps there is nothing ‘wrong’ with your baby, but you know he or she is out of balance and not as settled as he could be, or perhaps you just feel like handing this one back! For these or for more serious conditions, homeopathy has a successful track record.

And exhausted mothers – don’t forget yourselves! Homeopathy can help you through these tough times. Hang on in there.

Karenza Grant at Arnica Homeopathy can help you or your baby regain that balance again.


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