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Ainsworth-Kit-2There are some great homeopathy first aid kits on the market and I highly recommend that every family have one tucked away in their bathroom cupboard for that emergency moment. Let’s look at some scenarios.

It’s pretty late at night and you are making your way to bed and suddenly your tummy turns a little making you thing of that tomato and mozzarella supermarket salad you had for lunch today. You really weren’t quite sure that the motzarella was right so you stopped eating it after a couple of mouthfuls. After an hour of lying in bed with your stomach churning and you becoming increasingly nauseous you are sure it was the mozzarella. You feel you are going to vomit soon and you just wish it was all over. So… you go to your homeoapthic first aid kit and look up food poisoning and there you see under ‘cheese’ the remedy Arsenicum album. You take it straight away. Your body takes the message from the homeopathy that it really doesn’t need anything toxic in the system and you vomit straight away and also pass a motion. After 20 minutes you feel almost back to your old self again and are completely thankful that you didn’t have to spend the whole night vomiting.

Take another case… It’s two 0′clock in the morning and you are woken by your three year old who has a fever. He’s really hot and his pupils are dilated. You take his temperature and find out that it is 40 degrees and rising. He’s not coherent and then he begins to convulse. You think it’s best to take no risks and call an ambulance. Whilst you were doing all this your partner has grabbed your homeopathic first aid kit and looks up ‘fever’. You see that Belladonna is indicated for a high hot fever with dilated pupils and you give the remedy straight away. In seconds the convulsions stop and in a few minutes your child is coherent again. By the time the ambulance arrives your child has a ‘normal’ fever and his body temperature continues to drop.

So what is a homeopathy first aid kit?

It is a small box containing a number of the most useful remedies (mine contains 42 remedies). The box also comes with a booklet guide to help you prescribe. The remedies can be used for all sorts of common ailments from hay fever to insomnia, and from cuts and bruises to emotional distress.

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I’ve pictured the Ainsworth Essentials kit above as I think it’s probably the best value for money, but the Helios pharmacy also does a kit. However please note, you have to buy these kits directly from the pharmacy by phone due to remedy licensing/advertising laws (find the number on the website). It is possible to view the kits on the internet, but they will be marked ‘this kit is not currently for sale to UK addresses‘ or similar. This is because it’s against current legislation to sell them over the internet, but perfectly alright to buy them direct from a pharmacy.

If you are seeing or are ‘on the books’ of a homeopath, the kit can also be very useful if you phone your homeopath for a small problem. Perhaps you are struggling to recuperate from the flu. You call your homeopath to ask for advice. Because you have the kit he or she is able to direct you to the most useful remedy which you take straight away - you don’t have to wait for the remedy to arrive in the post.

There are also kits available for pregnancy, mother and child, animals and foreign travel. Although it’s worth say ing that the different kits often have some of the same remedies in them.

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