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For anyone interested in using herbs for home treatment I can recommend a great newsletter. Herbal Legacy is a website that has been created as a way for people to find out more about the late Dr. John R Christopher and his remedies. He was a 20th centaury herbalist who immersed himself in the study of plants after a series of life challenges and illnesses. He set up schools of natural healing in the US and put together many herbal formulas and combinations which are all published on the Herbal Legacy website. He is said to be a ‘visionary’ and ‘ahead of his time’.

I have used a number of his formulas for myself and my family and found them very effective. For example have a look at his extensive information on treating asthma. One of his ideas was to have a ‘herbalist in every home’ and on that level I find his ideas very empowering. Although it is possible to buy many of Dr Christopher’s products on the internet (although of course it is equally possible to make them yourself given his instructions)  the Herbal Legacy site is a non profit site that ‘aims to educate people through the correct use of herbs and nutrition’.

The newsletter is full of interesting advice and often includes a healthy recipe. You can sign up here. Here is an extract on self reliance in healthcare from the latest news letter:

 Remember that 90% of health problems, regardless of what anyone tells you, are not serious. As a matter of fact, in most cases they are quite easy to fix. The other 10% of serious problems are not that difficult to fix either once you remember two very important things. The body is 100% capable of healing itself, and your job is to support the body and give it what it needs to get the job done. You can learn the human body just like a doctor, but unlike a doctor you have the advantage because it is your body and no one knows your body better then YOU.


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  1. Robin Hampshire says:

    What an amazing extract you closed with, so positive, and optimistic! Where do i start though?

    • Thanks for the comment. Perhaps the place to start is just to take time and listen to yourself and your body. I do believe that a lot of what we experience in our bodies has a mental or emotional source.
      Along with listening to yourself and reflecting, eat well, and sleep well :)

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