What happens during a homeopathic consultation?

During the consultation I will ask you many questions about your condition and yourself generally. I will need to ask you about your medical history and that of your family. It is necessary that I gain a complete picture of you as a whole person. This is vital in ascertaining the correct treatment.

How long will it take?

The first consultation will take up to 1 ½ hours. Subsequent consultations will take up to one hour. Consultations for children and babies will usually take up to one hour for the first consultation and half an hour thereafter.

How many times will I need to see my homeopath?

This depends on the type of your complaint and the speed at which you recover. It will generally be necessary to follow a course of treatment and we will discuss this and make a treatment plan together during the first consultation.

When will I receive my remedies?

I will prescribe either at the end of the consultation or I will send the remedy in the post within five working days, hopefully sooner. This may be necessary because I may not have appropriate remedy with me (there are thousands of remedies and it is not possible for me to carry a full selection), or I may need to do further work on your case.

What kind of remedy will I be given?

You will generally be given small pills made out of sugar which are a carrier for a liquid remedy which has been dropped on. You may also be given remedies in liquid form which will need to dropped into a glass of water.

How should I take the remedy?

Pills are placed under the tongue to dissolve. For all types of remedy it is important they are taken on a clean mouth. For example, make sure you mouth feels clean of any strong foods such as coffee, spicy curry or mints (including toothpaste) before taking your remedy and for a little time afterwards. It is not necessary to give up or stop using these things except in certain circumstances.

Will I get better straight away?

Homeopathy is powerful and effective but the skill of the homeopath is finding the right remedy to fit you and your complaint. Sometimes, as with conventional medicine, it is not possible to find the right remedy the first time. Sometimes the first remedy will help you in part but not fully. This is normal and it is quite often necessary to take a sequence of remedies before your full health is restored. This is why we make a treatment plan during the first consultation and why it is necessary to see your homeopath on a regular basis during treatment.

I am a patient of yours although I am not seeing you regularly at the moment. Is it possible for me to phone you for homeopathic advice for acute conditions for myself and my family?

Yes please do call. If you are in current treatment all calls and contact is without cost. If you are not in current treatment I will charge £10 for an acute call. It is also possible for me to post the remedies for an extra £5 although I do recommend a home remedy kit. If the condition is more serious it may be necessary to come and see me.

Should I stop taking my conventional medication during treatment?

It is not advisable to discontinue any conventional medication without the advice of your doctor. In some cases you may become better and you may no longer need your conventional medication. In this case it is very important that you speak to your doctor about what is happening. It is also possible that I can work with your doctor on this level. It is possible for homeopathy to work well combined with conventional medicine.

I have health insurance. Can this fund my homeopathic consultations?

This will depend on your policy. Many companies do offer funding for homeopathic treatment. Some require a GP referral.