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There are some great homeopathy first aid kits on the market and I highly recommend that every family have one tucked away in their bathroom cupboard for that emergency moment. Let’s look at some scenarios. It’s pretty late at night and you are making your way to bed and suddenly your tummy turns a little making you thing of that tomato and mozzarella supermarket salad you had for lunch today. You really weren’t quite sure that the motzarella was right so you stopped eating it after a couple of mouthfuls. [...] Read more…

treating your family with homeopathy course


I’m happy to announce a new course from Arnica Homeopathy - four mornings in November empowering you to prescribe homeopathy effectively and safely for yourself and your family.  Dates: Wednesdays 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of November 2015 Time: 10am to 12pm Location:  Lanner, Nr Redruth Topics covered: What is homeopathy? How does homeopathy work? Buying and using a homeopathy kit Introduction to the 38 most useful remedies Selecting the right remedy More advanced remedy selection Remedy potency (or strength) When to call a homeopath How should I prescribe homeopathy in an emergency? Can I [...] Read more…

Why Arnica Homeopathy?

Arnica Flower Head

I chose Arnica as the name and symbol for the practice because the strength and breadth of action of this herb has always held me in awe. Arnica Montana, the mountain daisy with beautiful golden flowers are like miniature suns radiating their healing potential. Arnica is the first remedy to think of if you have had any kind of physical injury. It can be applied in herbal preparation – easily bought from most chemists as a cream or tincture to be applied directly onto bruised or injured areas (but do [...] Read more…