imagine a world with homeopathic hospitals


Well look no further… Surely one of the best kept secrets of the NHS. There are four homeopathic hospitals funded by the NHS in the UK. These hospitals are in Bristol, London, Glasgow and Liverpool. Homeopathy is not just another alternative therapy but has been declared by the World Health Organisation as the second most used healthcare system in the world. 500 million people in the world rely on homeopathy. I feel very glad that the NHS recognises this even though it keeps the homeopathic hospitals so low profile. Why so low [...] Read more…

choices in vaccination


Many of us vaccinate our children or ourselves without giving it a second thought, what with dynamic advertising campaigns from the NHS, pressure from doctors, nurses, midwives, and often pressure from within our own families. We tend to see only one side of the story and that is the side expressed by the government. Whether you are considering vaccinating a newborn child, the HPV vaccination for 11 and 12 year old girls, or travel vaccinations for yourself and your family, there is another side to the story and a quite interesting [...] Read more…

The Society of Homeopaths: pleased to be a member!


I am very pleased to be a member of the Society of Homeopaths. The Society is the largest register of Homeopaths in the UK. It aims to promote high quality homeopathic healthcare for all. More specifically: To develop and maintain high standards for the practice of homeopathy. That homeopaths registered with the Society practice to the Society’s standards and it’s code of ethics and practice. To protect the public’s freedom to have homeopathic treatment now and in the future. To promote public awareness of homeopathy and encourages it’s good use [...] Read more…