time to move on?

silhouette-444250_960_720Is it time to move on? Perhaps there is a feeling that something needs to shift, to allow new energy, new direction into your life?

Perhaps you know you need to move on, but you don’t know how. Even though there is nothing in particular wrong with you, you don’t feel one hundred percent. Perhaps you lack energy and motivation to move in this new direction. But what you do know is that something needs to change.

Knowing that things need to change is often the first step in a deep process of healing, healing past emotional wounds, healing habits that are holding you back, healing how you feel about yourself.

Perhaps you have physical ailments that need addressing.

Homeopathy has been used for over two hundred years to enable people to be the best that can, at that moment in their lives. To bring back that alignment with inner direction.

This process might involve addressing past traumas, healing physical ailments or letting go of habits. Karenza Grant at Arnica Homeopathy is experienced in assisting in this process through homeopathic treatment which is safe yet effective.

Home visits available in West Cornwall, Skype and phone consultations available for those further afield.

Whatever your journey, good luck with it!


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