what doctors don’t tell you

wddtypicThe magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY) which has been around for years reporting on health issues and research (often exposing information which is not easily accessible in the public domain) has come under threat since it  recently  went on the newsstands. WDDTY says:

Today, The Times added its weight to Simon Singh’s long-running campaign to stop supermarkets and stores stocking the title. Although virtually none of the comments in the article are accurate—and The Times correspondent didn’t even approach us for our views—supermarkets and newsagents may take the easy way out, and stop taking the title.

I have to say this magazine is one of the most referenced, sound and interesting sources of health information out there. So if you want to support the magazine you can subscribe here.


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  1. You can see WDDTY defending itself against The Times here:


    It really is unbelievable what disinformation one of the more respected newspapers can spread. How much more is out there?

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