Karenza Grant

Karenza Grant

My practice, Arnica Homeopathy, moved a couple of years ago from Herefordshire to Cornwall – a return to my roots for myself and my family. I am a qualified homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s leading register of homeopaths and the only homeopathic register to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. As such I work with a strict code of ethics and absolute patient confidentiality.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years growing up in rural Cornwall I was fascinated with plants and their healing powers. This led me to make many an ‘interesting’ herbal concoction for healing various things! These were interesting experiences which left in me a deep sense of respect for the healing power of the natural world. After graduating with a business degree I worked in business administration before having my first child.

My homeopathic journey began with the birth of my first child in 2003 when I began to wonder if there were any alternatives to the many drugs I was being offered. I have always been a strong believer that nature provides and I found a lot of alternatives. I used homeopathic remedies to aid my recovery after childbirth and I began to realize their potential. But it wasn’t until shortly after this that I looked for a remedy for my chilblains which had plagued me since childhood. With one dose of one remedy my chilblains vanished and have never returned. I was amazed at the effectiveness of the remedy and I began my research into homeopathy in earnest.

It was a year later that I decided to study homeopathy with The British School of Homeopathy. The course was inspiring and invigorating and I felt privileged to work with some amazing homeopaths. I graduated in 2008.

Since that time I have had experience of treating a broad spectrum of ailments both physical and emotional including; anxiety, depression, bereavement, childhood behavioral problems, asthma, eczema, physical injuries, healing after surgery, coping with cancer treatment, pregnancy and childbirth, and palliative care.

During some of this time I home schooled my two children and I find myself enjoying inspiring interest of the healing power of nature in children.