summer opening hours

Arnica Homeopathy will be closing for the school summer holidays between the 10th of July and 8th September. I have arranged locum cover for this period with local Homeopath Juliet Ablett. Juliet is very experienced and I am... Read more

herbal legacy :: newsletter

For anyone interested in using herbs for home treatment I can recommend a great newsletter. Herbal Legacy is a website that has been created as a way for people to find out more about the late Dr. John... Read more


A phone conversation at the weekend made me think about Kahlil Gibran’s beautiful poetic essay On children. How much during any healing process, for our children and for ourselves, do we need to bear his words in mind? When our children... Read more

choices in vaccination

Many of us vaccinate our children or ourselves without giving it a second thought, what with dynamic advertising campaigns from the NHS, pressure from doctors, nurses, midwives, and often pressure from within our own families. We tend to... Read more

pesticide levels in fruit and vegetables

Organic fruit and vegetables contain more nutrients and less chemical residue which is potentially bad for out health, that is clear. But it is not always possible to afford all organic produce. In this case it’s really helpful... Read more

birth story…

For anyone who is about to have a baby, actually for anyone at all, I highly recommend the book Spiritual Midwifery. Full of positive birth stories and sound advice - it is a classic. It was written by Ina May Gaskin,... Read more

Why Arnica Homeopathy?

I chose Arnica as the name and symbol for the practice because the strength and breadth of action of this herb has always held me in awe. Arnica Montana, the mountain daisy with beautiful golden flowers are like... Read more


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Arnica Homeopathy is the name of my homeopathic healthcare practice. I feel privileged to work in the fascinating field of homeopathy and hope to share some of this fascination in the articles in the website. I update the blog weekly and welcome an exchange of thoughts and ideas – feel free to leave a comment in the blog. Do contact me with any questions or queries.